Tao Institute in Downtown Asheville is now offering Astrology consultations by appointment!

Mela, a student and assistant instructor to Sifu Paolillo, is now offering Astrology readings at the Tao Institute.

The study of the cosmos and natural cycles has always been a core element of spiritual traditions throughout the world.  Taoist practices and philosophy are no exception.  The ancient scholars deeply understood the intricate relationship between man and the heavens, and likewise observed humanity's increasing detachment from our true nature.  It is for this reason that systems for understanding the nature of the universe and self cultivation were developed.

The system of movements that we now call "Tai Chi" has itself evolved out of Taoist Cosmology.  "Tai Chi" is the description of Yin and Yang, the initial division from Oneness (Tao) that then divides further to become the ten thousand things.  Therefore, it can be said that Tai Chi is the movement of the cosmos -- circular, spiraling, and constantly changing.  Astrology, on the other hand, is the language of the cosmos.  To know and understand one's Astrology, is to have an important key to navigating the Tao of life.

One's natal birth chart is like an energetic blueprint of an individual's life.  It informs us of the natural gifts and challenges within a personality, as well as the timing and impact of the natural cycles of energy that we all endure for our growth and development.  Aligning with the expressions of the natal chart and knowledge of cycles can create a greater sense of ease, purpose, and fulfillment in one's life, as well as a more conscious use of challenging or afflicting cycles.  Astrological information can be greatly informative towards one's self development, self cultivation and self realization.

As a lifelong "People Person," Mela has studied and observed energy since before she had a language for it.  In 2009, after studying martial arts and writing for nearly a decade, Mela began to discover the internal and metaphysical arts through an unfolding process of self discovery and self inquiry, and encounters with just the right people, at just the right times.  In the course of this time, Mela was first exposed to the healing arts, and taught how to read astrological charts.

Since 2011, Mela has been a dedicated student to Sifu Paolillo.  Internal martial arts training and the deepening of her intuitive skills have gone hand in hand.  Martial arts training is a manner of uniting body, mind, and spirit in order to walk in alignment with one's true path.  She is very excited to now be offering her gift of cosmic and energetic analysis to the greater community through the Tao Institute to help others expand their self knowledge and offer clarity towards some of life's big questions.

Astrological consultations run from short 30 minute mini-consultations to full 1-2 hour in depth chart analysis.  Mela taps into her knowledge of cosmic cycles and intuition in order to express the feelings and experiences present in your natal chart and current cycles of energy.

Please visit for details on services and consultations, or feel free to contact Mela directly with questions.

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