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Welcome to Tao Institute!
School of Traditional Chinese Internal Martial Arts

Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan
Dragon Style Baguazhang
Northern Praying Mantis
Tao Style
Taoist meditation
Weapon form training

All taught from a foundation of energy cultivation and Tao philosophy in the heart of Downtown Asheville, NC


Our curriculum includes the cultivation of energy through Taoist meditation and qi gong, the silk reeling spiraling power of Chen Tai Chi Chuan, the coiling and circling movements of Dragon Ba Gua Zhang, the speed and patience of Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, and Chinese weapons training.

Master Paolillo guides the training for students at the Tao Institute based on his lifetime of experience studying, training and cultivating  in the internal arts. 

All of our training, from beginning through advanced, is based on Taoist principles.