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Sifu Paolillo on Tai Chi & Internal Martial Arts

Master Frank J. Paolillo discusses Tai Chi & Internal Martial Arts in an interview for the documentary, “The Why? Of Tai Chi” produced by Bruce Kennedy in 2008. In this film profiling local Tai Chi practitioners, Master Paolillo offers his perspectives on Tai Chi Chuan, Internal Martial Arts, and demonstrates some of his personally developed Tao Style movement.

Sifu Paolillo Balanced Warrior Podcast Interview

Sifu Paolillo discusses a variety of topics related to internal martial arts and cultivation practice in this in-depth interview for the Balanced Warrior Podcast conducted by Red Foot in 2016.  Sifu offers thoughts on morning routines, his personal journey in martial arts, what internal training is, moving from stillness, doing without doing, developing his own personal style called Tao Style, transcending the fight in internal martial arts, the importance of silk reeling spiral power qigong, and more.

The Essence of Movement (1988)

This video contains excerpts from a short film created in 1988 by Sifu Frank J. Paolillo, Master and Founder of the Tao Institute, called “The Essence of Movement.” This video was filmed in its entirety in one single day, with no script or pre-arranged forms. Sifu’s interest in sharing this film then, and now, was to describe creative energy and how it is understood and harnessed through martial arts training. This film showcases Sifu’s freestyle movement as well as discussing Tao & Kung Fu philosophy throughout.

At the time of this filming in 1988, Sifu Paolillo’s primary background was Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu and Shantung Weaponry as taught privately by Grandmaster Pui Chan since 1976.  Due to the rarity of Internal Martial Arts teachers at the time, it wasn’t until the months and years after this video was created that Sifu was able to learn the Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan 1st and 2nd forms, Hun Yuan Silk Reeling Spiral Power Qigong, and Dragon Style Baguazhang, all styles which greatly influence his work today and are the primary foundation work for the present Tao Institute training.

After three decades, we have decided to share this video again. This video represents a part of Sifu’s history in development of the Tao Style and the evolution of the Tao Institute curriculum. In the coming months and years, our intent is to continue to share creative film & movement to capture Sifu’s vision, ideas, and evolution in Chinese Internal Martial Arts in present time. Our purpose in creating these videos, and in teaching students these arts, is the education and awakening of all people on their path to creativity and spiritual freedom through a deep and embodied understanding of Taoist cosmology and principles in our every day lives.


Sifu Paolillo performs Pao Choi 1993

A video of Sifu Frank J. Paolillo performing the Chen Style Pao Choi form at Theatre Jacksonville in Jacksonville, FL, 1993.