Occasionally Tao Institute hosts various extra curricular seminars going into depth on topics or methods beyond the class curriculum. This is the page where these event offerings are listed. Many of these events are open to the public as well as to active students.

Past Events:


Astrology Seminar:
Revolutionary Structures for Longevity, Legacy and Global Change
Preparation for the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter Conjunction of 2020

From an astrological perspective, the year 2020 represents an epochal moment.  This change, which many of us already feel stirring our lives, is expressed through rare planetary alignments that represent major transformation at the deepest levels of our lives and being – from the very personal to the societal.

In this lecture, astrologer Mela Carreira will explore what these planetary alignments represent for us and how we can work with them consciously through the immense shifts that we are all experiencing at this time in history. 

This event has already passed, however a video recording of the event is available online through Mela’s website. Check it out below :)